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Teaching people how to love themselves and their people well through food is one of my favorite things in life. There is nothing more nurturing than creating a space with food to nourish your body and conversation to nourish your soul, but that can be intimidating if you are unsure of yourself around a stove or a set of kitchen knives.

Let me help!

I am available to host group cooking classes in your home! So gather your best friends and let's learn how to create some culinary magic together.

From traditional southern favorites to a fancy dinner party for couple's night to vegan + gluten free + Whole 30 cooking techniques, I can help you hone your skills and impress even your picky mother-in-law with what comes out of your kitchen!

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If you are like most people on the planet today, you are too busy and too stressed and too overwhelmed to even think about what is for dinner tonight or what should go in your precious babies' lunchboxes tomorrow morning.

I have some fantastic news for you! I am here to help!

I am now available to take on a very limited number of clients for personal chef services! Let me take that stress off your shoulders so you can make it to football practice + dance lessons + the gym + drinks with your friends and not worry about shopping + cooking + cleaning every day.

My services include an entire week of meal prep done in your kitchen and includes the shopping for the week and a cleaner kitchen than I started with. No - I am not joking - this is really a thing. And you should take advantage of it FOR SURE.

I can also accommodate special dietary requests and food allergies. Whether you are GF, Vegan, Paleo, Keto, Whole 30 or ALL THE PASTA AND BUTTER AND MEAT PLEASE AND THANK YOU, I am here to help.

Call me today to schedule a free in-home meet up to discuss menu options, preferences and other specifics.


$25 shopping fee + $40/hour for active cooking time.

Cost of ingredients will be added to your bill after the shopping is completed.

Questions? I have answers. Call or email me today and ask away.

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