Salt + Charm was created by me (Abbye) in 2016 and has been home to beautiful recipes and food photography and the occasional smattering of faith/parenting/lifestyle essays. In January of 2018, I welcomed Emily Schwery to the team! We had the privilege of stumbling into each other's lives when I hired Emily to help me run a large scale wholesale culinary kitchen in Wilmington, NC. We loved working together SO DAMN MUCH that we decided to continue finding excuses to be around each other when we both left working in professional kitchens. 

It just made sense to invite Emily into the S+C family and I am so pleased to introduce her to you today! Below is more than you probably want to know about us both. {Sorry not sorry about that.} We want you to know what you're getting into around here. We would love to meet you all as well! Be sure to email us ( + Instagram message us + talk to us over on the Facebook!  



I'm a little salty, but I try for charming.

I love: Jesus, salt air + sand, my people and I AM HERE for Grey's Anatomy and New Girl.

I've learned a thing or two about southern cooking, keeping my table full and my heart open, parenting in less than ideal circumstances, and starting over after I thought I had it all figured out. But the truth is, we never ever get it all figured out, right? Right. I'm glad we agree. 

A few years ago, I found myself smack dab in the middle of an early mid-life crisis. I quit my 13 year career as a creative director and I didn't know who the hell I was anymore. But I instinctively knew what I needed to do.

I needed to feed people. I needed to be able to show love in ways that made sense to me. My knives and cast iron pans were almost as good as my therapist's couch and I was lucky enough to have friends and family that didn't mind being fed so that I could recover.

I think I opened my doors at LEAST every other Sunday night for months and months. Food was flying out of my kitchen. People were sitting around my piano or on the floor with a guitar. Friends brought their pups and things were chaotic and perfect. Feeding people was how I could love and how I could forget and how I could stay connected when I so desperately felt alone.

I discovered that investing in other people in whatever way I could allowed me to heal more quickly and thoroughly than if I secluded myself hoping that people would come to ME. {and they did come... but it's such a reciprocal thing, you know? I don't think they would have/could have come if I didn't do the work to keep the heavy door to my heart open.}

I started catering and baking for friends and family and then stumbled onto food blogging when my friends kept asking me for recipes. Then I managed a restaurant bakery and catering department in a super trendy downtown spot. (That was a crazy baptism by fire right there.... I learned SO MUCH) From there I helped start a small new restaurant, making all of their desserts, handmade pastas, soups and such before I took another trip around the blogging/teaching sun on my own. I thought I was done with professional kitchen life... but noooooo. I was recruited to manage the large scale wholesale bakery/culinary kitchen/catering departments for a local farm to table company, which is where I met Emily!! 

But ultimately I have always known that my passion is in food and lifestyle writing, teaching others to cook and creating welcoming environments for others to have special in-home culinary events that celebrate amazing food and their community. THIS is what makes my heart just go all pitter-patter!

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by to hang out for a bit. Let's just pretend you're sitting around our table sharing a meal... take your time {and your shoes off} and stay for a bit.

I sure do love you. (especially YOU!)


Hi, I'm emily

I'm also a little salty but I'm definitely more successful at charming than Abbye is.  


I love: old things, my kid's belly laughs, creating + crafting and boating in our lovely coastal town. 

I have worked in food service since the age of 15 and moved to coastal NC from a tiny Tennessee town just outside of Nashville. 

My love of cooking comes from my parents. My mother is a classically trained chef+cake designer and my father is an amazing cook. Growing up, my Dad ran Pit BBQ stands part-time and shared his love of traditional southern food with me. My Mother showed me how food can be art with her gifts of baking and cake decorating. Both of my parents taught me so much about southern cooking and allowed me to be free in the kitchen to experiment and create. 

I worked my way through business school in Nashville by working in restaurants ranging from a local meat-n-three to fine dining. 

At the age of 26, as a wife and mother of one, my husband and I bought Savannah Tea Company in Nashville. The Tea Room, as it was, did not have catering or cake design. We added that portion of the business and soon it became a thriving catering and specialty dessert company!

I have executed hundreds of events, guests lists ranging from small intimate gatherings of 20 people to galas of 400 or more. I developed long standing relationships with major clients such as, The Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC), Nashville Public Schools and Library, Capital functions for the State of Tennessee, Country Music Hall of Fame, Grand Ole Opry, 94 FM The Fish, Nashville Children’s Theater, Belmont University, Belmont United Methodist Church and private gatherings for some of Nashville’s prominent individuals.

I had some amazing opportunities to cook on Nashville's Chanel 4 WSMV More at Midday program, performing live and pre-recorded cooking segments, live demonstrations at the Southern Women’s Show at the Nashville Convention Center and have had recipes in local TN print publications. 

In our almost 8 years owning Savannah Tea Company, we grew our little family of three to a not-so-little family of five! It was with the news that we were about to change that number to SIX that I decided being a Mom needed to come first! 

We decided to make a huge change so Ron took a job in NC and within two weeks, we had rented out our home and successfully sold the business! We moved to Hampstead, just outside of Wilmington, two days after Christmas in 2013. It was a true God thing! 

Abbye and I had the God-sent opportunity to work together in a large scale kitchen environment but now I enjoy contributing to S+C full time, baking and cooking from home again and sharing that food with the friends and neighbors that I love!  

I love the Lord and my family with all I have. Food is one of my top love languages and one of the simple things in life I feel nourishes the body + soul. I pray that in my cooking and baking I can be a blessing to others.

Let's eat, ya'll!